Warehousing – New Habits Driving Warehousing Growth

March 16th, 2021


Our Client Relationship & Development Manager, Martine Thomas caught up on all things Warehouse! Find out more below …


Warehousing – Where we’ve been to where we are now

When I first started working at Edge, it took me a while to grasp the scale of the Warehouse operation.  It takes time to understand and see what’s involved in the day to day running of the Warehouse.  “Over 75,000 sq ft” of Warehouse space sounds impressive.  This is if you know your measurements, I couldn’t compare the size to anything familiar.  The team kindly pointed out to me that this is comparable to a full size football pitch.  Only then realising the scale of a football stadium did I realise the sheer size of the facilities.  The available racking space that Edge has? An impressive 9,000 pallet spaces to be precise.

I’ve been at Edge just over a year.  In that year it’s safe to say that a lot has changed.  We have witnessed a continued rise and period of growth in e-commerce and online shopping trends. This has meant that modern warehouses are crucial to allow for business growth.  Quality warehouse space and the demand for it, is a focal point in these new consumer trends[1].  We’re delighted to be able to offer quality warehousing and onward distribution solutions.  We’re able to offer our multiple solutions to customers near and far from our purpose-built site in Deeside.  Our BRC AA Grade accreditation and rigorous procedures and policies allows us to accommodate a vast variety of businesses in this fast paced and ever-changing market.


New Warehousing habits

2020 brought many new challenges.  Covid-19 and Brexit saw us witnessing shifts in the marketplace and seeing a higher uptake and interest in Warehousing solutions.  These changes have been associated with various factors.  A popular theory is for businesses needing to stockpile goods or shift their business models to an e-commerce way of thinking. Customers and prospects that I have spoken to across the 12 months have realised the importance, and to some degree the pressure on themselves in this changing marketplace. Retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and those alike have had to adapt and evolve to allow their products to reach more and more consumers.  These new habits are driving warehousing growth like never before[2].


We’re excited to see what 2021 brings.  We look forward and are as excited to work with customers old and new.  Here at Edge, we’re here to support your businesses.  We want to know your Warehousing requirements since the marketplace shift.  As we begin the roadmap out of lockdown, let Edge Transport be the quality warehousing solution you’ve been looking for.  Short term or long term we can help.


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