Pub in a Box!

October 1st, 2020

We are conscious that our people have worked exceptionally hard, as have many others, without a break during the strange year that is 2020. We have delivered and collected pallets when the streets were deserted and ensured that our customers kept the flow of product across the nation during lockdown and beyond.

What we would have liked to do is have a bit of a staff social, get everyone together for a fun evening with a meal out, to share our appreciation of everyone’s support and hard work.

Now, with Covid that’s pretty impossible so, what we decided to do was create a ‘Pub in a Box’ for each member of the 65 strong team, to take home and enjoy as a little treat from Edge.

Our FD, Nikki Edge, decided to prepare the boxes at Edge and happily started internet shopping for contents. It ended up a much bigger task than imagined, especially with everything else going on, and at one point there was shredded paper, sweets, crisps and bottles filling the entire meeting room.

Each box contained five different drinks as well as some savoury snacks, some sweet treats, their very own Edge bottle opener to use and a note thanking everyone for their support.

Nikki was slightly broken by the end of it (!) but it was hugely satisfying to see the completed boxes all lined up in the office waiting to be collected by our team.

The feedback from our people has been great. The thought, the boxes and the personal touch has been very much appreciated which is lovely to hear.

Please stay safe, keep well and support each other.