Sam Lightfoot

Traffic Planner

Sam has been part of the Edge Transport team since 2016 and works as a Planner in the busy Traffic Office. Her job is key as she’s responsible for planning our general haulage vehicle routes to ensure our full and part load deliveries across the UK are made on time and safely. Since starting with Edge she’s taken on more responsibility and has built great relationships with our drivers. She’s their first port of call for help with queries, traffic avoidance and also finding out what is planned for the week ahead.

One of the key aspects of her role is making sure that trailers and drivers are always in the right place. That can be tricky when you’ve got unexpected additional loads to add to the schedule and unpredictable traffic to contend with but, she’s an expert.

Sam always wanted to be a singer when she grew up and loves going to gigs and festivals. She is always smiling and as she sits by the entrance to the traffic office is one of the first faces our Team Edge drivers see when they return to base. An all round great person to have on Team Edge!

Quick fire questions...

How long have you worked at Edge?: Since 2016

Proudest achievment either work or personal: Buying her first house

What did you want to be when you grew up?: Singer

Do you prefer brown or tomato sauce on your bacon butties?: BBQ