Jenny Pridding

Commercial Director

Jenny is our Commercial Director and the grand-daughter of Alfred Edge who set up the company in 1935. She joined the family business back in 1999 and is now responsible for the entire sales function. Jenny is the first point of contact that new customers usually speak to and meet.

Working with new and existing customers, she’s responsible for building relationships and designing service solutions that make sure customers’ get the most out of working with Edge. All of our customers know Jenny and like that they are able to speak to her direct. You’ll also see her out and about at networking events and exhibitions.

Jenny works closely with new and existing customers to make sure that she has a thorough understanding of their requirements. She’ll liaise with the Traffic Office and Warehouse teams to create a tailored distribution or warehousing solution that will work efficiently for the customer and Edge.

Using her experience, she’s often able to make suggestions for process improvements to customers that really make a difference to their operation. Jenny is always being told by customers that they wouldn’t know what to do without her!

Jenny is a keen advocate of the Hospice of the Good Shepherd and did the Delamere Commando 10km in July 2018. She’s also helped the Hospice build relationships with key Edge customers and suppliers.

Outside of Edge, Jenny also runs a Slimming World group on a Saturday morning and gets lots of satisfaction from helping people achieve their weight loss dreams.


Quick fire questions...

How long have you worked at Edge?: 1999

What is your proudest achievment?: Re-taking her Maths GCSE and her daughter Caitlin (of course)

What did you want to be when you grew up?: Ballerina

Do you prefer tomato or brown sauce on your sausage sarnie?: Brown