Mike Griffiths

Quality, Health & Safety, Training Manager

Mike joined us in 2015 and has the longest job title in the company. He’s our Quality, Health & Safety and Training Manager.  It’s a rather wide ranging role so every day is different.

Mike spends quite a bit of his time with our drivers. He’s their first point of contact at interview, completing their driving assessment and then, for successful candidates, is the person that completes their induction day training. He’s able to use his extensive experience to train all our drivers to the highest level – making sure that service standards are exceptional and that our processes are always followed. He also goes out on the road with our drivers to help improve fuel efficiency – fuel is one of the biggest impacts on transport costs so this helps keep our pricing competitive. Mike can often be seen out driving himself, whenever the need arises to ensure that deliveries are made on time – very much hands on!

As well as his driver trainer ‘hat’, Mike is also responsible for Health & Safety for our site and our drivers. Working alongside our Warehouse Manager, he creates, reviews and regularly updates our Health & Safety documentation. He can be found out at delivery points, completing risk assessments or out on the yard here completing regular walk round inspections to check that everything is as it should be. Mike plays a key part in our BRC Storage and Transport accreditation audit.

When Mikes not busy training us all and keeping us safe, he enjoys spending time with his family, arranging scenic tours for his beloved MX5 owners club, watching motor rallying and playing golf in Anglesey. His favourite song is ‘Music’ by John Miles and he likes listening to Radio 2.

Quick fire questions...

How long have you worked at Edge?: Since 2015

Proudest achievement (personal or work related): His Children and passing his Class 1 HGV test

What did you want to be when you grew up?: A railway engineer

Do you prefer tomato or brown sauce on your bacon butty?: No sauce, it takes away the flavour of bacon

What's your favourite car: MX5